Planning My Tour

I cannot think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning, than to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee, a collection of maps and plan the first stage of my next tour. The 23:30 ferry crossing from Dover to Calais is booked, my destination is known (Annecy, France), which just leaves my route to be decided.

France does cater very well for motor homes, but it is worth remember that travelling out of season can mean that many campsites are closed.  I use variety of resources to help guide me through the different options available.  Caravan Europe – France and Andorra from the Caravan Club, lists a variety of campsites and more importantly, those that are open all year round.  Camping Card ACSI, offers European campsites with out of season discount.  All The Aires France from Vicarious Books, lists the Aires, many of which are free.  I also use Smartphone applications e.g. park4night.

I will arrive in Calais at 02:00 local time and according to Google Maps, it will take 7 hours by car to reach Annecy using toll roads, alternatively, I could opt for the suggested 10 hour plus France only or Belgium, Luxembourg and France routes.  I intend to stop en-route; for this I use my well thumbed copy of All The Aires France, to find a suitable and free location before completing my journey the next day.

Route to Annecy

Route to Annecy, with a stopover near Landrecies

With my route and first overnight location decided, I am ready to go.  I hope you can join me, as I embark on my next tour of France.

2 responses to “Planning My Tour

  1. Hi bud. Loving the pre-match build-up. When are you off? to use a phrase of my daughter’s, “well-jel”. Dom


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