Montmédy (March 2016)

The moment I saw the Montmédy citadel, I knew I must visit it.  As with most things, serendipity stepped in, and my satellite navigation system took me past it en-route to Namur.

I like a castle as much as the next person, but this was not my reason for wanting to visit the Montmédy citadel, I wanted to see the views from the ramparts.  Whilst the day was overcast, I was not disappointed as the views were magnificent.

The citadel sits on a rock 100 metres above the town of Montmédy and commands the surrounding area.  A fortress was first established here around 1239, the fortifications as they are, were started around 1545.

As well as the views from the ramparts, the inside of the citadel also captivated me.


St. Martin Church

Whilst wandering the ramparts, it is clear to see that there is a lot of building work taking place within the citadel.  It occurred to me that they may be trying to replicate similar fortress towns such as St Malo and Dinan, no doubt in order to attract tourists.

What ever plans they have in-store for Montmédy, if you are passing, go and visit this impressive citadel and take in the views from the ramparts.

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