Italian Motor Museums (July 2016)

I’ll give you a choice of places to visit, but you can only go to one.  Which would you choose?

  1. The Enzo Ferrari museum at Modena – dedicated to the life of Enzo Ferrari.
  2. The Ferrari museum at Maranello – exhibiting the range of Ferrari sports cars.
  3. The Ducati museum and factory at Modena – devoted to their bikes and heritage.

As a keen motorcyclist, my choice should be obvious, but nothing in life is can be taken for granted.  I’ve been to a few Ducati dealerships and whilst it’s not the same, I really wanted to see the cars.

The Ferrari museum in Maranello, is situated on what looks like an industrial estate.  I wasn’t able to park the motorhome in the vicinity of the museum, although there was plenty of parking for cars.  I was able to find a suitable car park about a mile away and cycled in.  Be prepared to be approached by people trying to sell you a Ferrari test ride, although, according to the signage this isn’t allowed.

The ground floor focuses on the sports cars, whilst the top floor traced the racing pedigree. The €15 entrance fee is reasonable, but the museum shop is not cheap.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the museum, and next time I only have two to choose from.



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