Carpi (July 2016)

The night before visiting the Ferrari museum at Maranello, I stayed in Carpi.  Carpi is a provincial town 25 miles (42km) north of Maranello.  I used the Parkings app to locate my stop for the night, unfortunately it was a leisure centre car park and seemingly utilised by the travelling community.  In short, this is an inappropriate place to stay.

My second choice also from the Parkings app, was a car park closer to the town centre.  I was initially comforted by the fact that other motorhomes were parked there, but it transpired that they were owned by locals and were not inhabited.  All in all, the location wasn’t great. being next to a main road it was noisy through the night.  It would be ideal for a quick stop to visit Carpi, but whilst it is free, I wouldn’t consider this a suitable overnight stop.

The town of Carpi is very nice, Piazza Martiri dominates the centre and it is here that you will find the main attractions.


Chiesa di Santa Maria in Castello – Church of St Mary in the Castle


Teatro Comunale di Carpi


Carpi Cathedral


Palazzo dei Pio – Town Hall


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