San Gimignano (July 2016)

San Gimignano was recommended to me, and so, I must recommend it to you.  Set in the rolling hills of the Tuscany countryside, this tourist hot spot is full of beauty and charm, with an abundance of restaurants and shops to pass a lovely few hours.

Parking for motorhomes is situated in an aires about 2 miles from the town, it is a fairly easy cycle, although there are limited bike racks in the town.  The aires is also on a bus route for those not wishing to cycle or walk.  There is a €1 / hour charge for staying on the aires, but I was only charged €5 for an over night stay.

San Gimignano is dominated by 13 towers, built during the 12th and 13th centuries.  Only one of the towers is open, Torre Grossa and costs €7.50 for entry which includes entrance to the civic museum.  Like most towers I have experienced in Italy the steps are quite step, particularly towards the top.  The views from the tower are fantastic, with vistas of the Tuscany countryside.  The museum has several frescos, specifically, Memmo di Filippucci’s Wedding Scene.

I thought that San Gimignano was a real highlight of the tour, I would have happily spent longer here, but Siena is calling me.














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