Strasbourg (August 2016)

I first visited Strasbourg during a school trip to Freiburg, Germany.  My overriding memory of Strasbourg, was the large number of street vendors and purchasing a bondage whip from one of them.  Although naively, the purchase was inspired by the ‘Indiana Jones’ film franchise and not some latent deviant desire.

I have longed to revisit Strasbourg and having passed close by on five occasions this year, I was determined not to make it six.  I arrived at the Camping Indigo without a prior reservation and as such I was not able to stay on a pitch, but fortunately they operate an Aires with services (free token supplied on request), where I was able to stay.  Although the cost is only slightly less than that of a pitch.  There is a cycle track leading from the campsite directly into the city, this is a relatively quick and easy cycle.

Strasbourg’s Old town is surrounded by waterways, making the Grande Île.  The ‘Petite France’ quarter is well worth a visit, as one of Strasbourg’s tourist attractions, you can expect it to be busy.  Whilst you are there, explore the Ponts Couverts (covered bridges), that once linked the medieval towers, but now superseded by the Barrage Vauban, which is an ideal viewing platform.

Strasbourg’s Notre Dame cathedral dominates the Grande Île, the Romanesque / Gothic architecture is striking sandstone lacework.  Construction started on the 11th century and did not finish until the 15th century.  Entrance to the tower is €5 and well worth the climb. Entrance to the cathedral is free, and full of wonderful sights, but do look out for the Pillar of Angels.

I thoroughly enjoyed my second trip to Strasbourg, there is much to see in this fine city. I surely won’t leave it 30+ years until I visit again.


Notre Dame Cathedral


Notre Dame, Cathedral


Notre Dame Cathedral


Ponts Couverts, Strasbourg


Petite France, Strasbourg


Petite France, Strasbourg


Barrage Vauban, Strasbourg



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