Sorrento (August 2016)

I really wanted to visit the Amalfi coast on this trip, initially I headed for Sorrento.  Driving along the coast road in a motorhome is tricky to say the least.  The roads are narrow, moped riders will overtake and undertake, oncoming mopeds are usually in the middle of the road, but have no compunction riding on the left side of the road. The views along the coast are amazing, but with full concentration on the road, it was not possible to take in the sights.

I stayed at the Santa Fortuna Village, which was about 2 km from Sorrento. As usual, I didn’t book in advance, but just turned up.  Fortunately, they had a space available for me. They have lots of facilities, a swimming pool, secluded beach, bar / restaurant, shop, motorhome service point.  Disappointingly, the campsite had turned off the fresh water supply, so I wasn’t able to top up; luckily I had sufficient water to last my stay.

Sorrento is a typical tourist destination, lots of souvenir shops and if you like lemon, you will certainly feel at home.  I really liked Sorrento, I could have stayed for a week.  If I had longer, I certainly would have taken the ferry to Capri.  I didn’t drive the Amalfi coast either, it didn’t seem worth it if I couldn’t take in the sights.  Sometimes, it is difficult to visit everything at every place I visit.  I guess, I’m just going to have to go back…














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