Montpellier / Sète (March)

After visiting Avignon and Pont du Gard, I was keen to visit Nîmes, but I struggled to find somewhere close enough to stay to the centre.  This was a theme I was to experience time and time again on this trip. It’s understandable that many campsites are not open during March, but there is also a shortage of Aires in the popular towns and cities.

Instead, I decided to visit Montpellier because there was an Aire close to the centre of town and a language exchange Meetup group that evening would provide me with an opportunity to practice my French.


I arrived at the Aire in Montpellier, to find a rather dilapidated car park.  I didn’t feel comfortable staying, so like always, I moved on.  I also had coordinates for a campsite, but they were quite confusing and I ended up driving into a cemetery.  Finding it quite difficult to turn around on the narrow roads, I ended up blocking the only road for a while.  I’m grateful a funeral procession didn’t enter at this time, as that would have had a large element of slapstick, as I tried to find another exit and subsequently had to perform a multi-point turn to go out the same way I entered, all whilst avoiding the gravestones.  I never did find that campsite…

Eventually and after much swearing and frustration, I happened upon an open campsite close to Lattes, Le Parc.  It was a typical campsite for the area and it was close to the tram line, which covers the 5 km to Montpellier.

Montpellier has quite a large student population, which helps to make this quite a vibrant city. Most of the action centres around the Place de la Comedie, with bars and restaurants occupying the square, or maybe I should call it the oval, in reference to its popular reference ‘L’Oeuf’.


Viaduct in Montpellier


Port du Peyrou – Montpellier


Chateau d’Eau – Montpellier


Cathedrale Saint Pierre – Montpellier

I would definitely visit Montpellier again, I didn’t think one day was quite enough to satisfy my curiosity and maybe next time I will head further south.


Sète was recommended to me because it gave panoramic views over the region and who doesn’t like a good panoramic view.   If I’m being honest, I didn’t like Sète and because it was quite a hazy day, I didn’t think much of the panoramic views either.  I’m sure in the height of summer it is a wonderful place to visit, with many activities taking place on the Canal du Midi, but for me, I think there are more interesting places to visit.

However, I did stay on an Aire called Aire de Camping-Car des 3 Digues.  It cost €6.33 to enter and leave the site once, so effectively you could stay until you needed to utilise the services, which were outside the barrier.  The beach was only feet away and it was fairly quiet.


Aire de Camping-Car des 3 Digues





Canal du Midi – Sete


The Old Harbour – Sete

For now, my travels continue, with new places to visit and explore.

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