Arles (March 2017)

Arles was another recommendation and a mighty fine one it was too.  It did remind me of Avignon as it is also quite a romantic town, but unlike Avignon it has more of a provincial feel to it.

I had intended on staying on a campsite that was situated a few minutes walk outside of the centre, but unfortunately it wasn’t open. I did manage to find an Aire, Aire de Camping-Car Quai Kalymnos, which was close to the centre.  Adjacent to the Aire was a circus, although it didn’t seem open at the time I was there.

There is quite a lot to see in Arles, the Roman theatre, the amphitheatre, the crytoportico (foundations of the Roman forum), the baths of Constantine to name but a few. To my shame, I opted to watch a rugby match between France and Wales, which cut short the time I had available to make it to the attractions.  I guess I will just have to return…

The amphitheatre was built at the end of the 1st century and is still used today to host games. I didn’t go inside the Roman theatre as it is possible to see quite a lot from outside, it was built a century before the amphitheatre, but its stones have been looted for building material. It is used today as a theatre.

If you do wish to visit, buy a pass from the tourist office, which for €8, you can visit 4 monuments and 2 museums.


Place De La Republique


Roman Theatre – Arles


Roman Theatre – Arles


Amphitheatre – Arles


Amphitheatre – Arles


Amphitheatre – Arles


Random Picture


View from the Aire de Camping-Car Quai Kalymnos


Whilst on the Aire, I had the pleasure of chatting away to a couple from Belgium.  I love the way that total strangers will spend ages talking to each other, just because of a common interest.  I did this on several occasions and it made the trip all that more special.  Until next time, au revoir.

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