Gordes and Village de Bories (March 2017)

Sometimes the view we have looking from the outside, is better than the one looking from the inside.  This thought occurred to me when I visited Gordes.  When you first view the town from the acsending road, it is a pleasure just to stand and stare.  The contrast of the town against the backdrop of Provence landscape is simply beautiful.  The centre of Gordes is nice enough, there are some areas where you can get a great paronamic view of the countryside, the 16th century Chateau dominates the centre of the town and is impressive, unfortunately it was closed at the time I was there.  Apart from that, I thought inside Gordes was very similar to hundreds of nondescript towns that unfortunately get over shadowed by far more interesting locations.  I would strongly urge you to visit and view the town from the access road, whether you decide to have a closer look, well, I’ll leave that decision for you…










Just beyond Gordes and easily within walking distance, trust me I tested this, is the Village de Bories.  Here you can find a number of dry stone huts.  It costs €6 to enter the village and whilst it won’t be a long visit, it is very interesting.  The huts date back to the 17th century, they were used as shelters for shepherds and as places for storing equipment.   The skill level that went into making these huts is incredible, it’s a shame we will never see them used as they were intended for.





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