Roussillon (March 2017)

Why is it that we prefer some places to others?  Do we have pre-existing prejudices that influence what we think of a place or is an opinion formed on initial contact? Could we be influenced by our journey? Perhaps it’s something that reaches out and resonates with us?

For me, Roussillon epitomises the latter, it instantly drew me in and made me want to bathe in its ambiance.  Wandering around its streets, admiring the differing shades of orange / red buildings that symbolise Roussillon’s uniqueness, was a pure joy.  Mined extensively in the 18th century, the local pigment found in the clay was once the main source of income until tourism replaced it after the mines were closed.  On a warm March afternoon, there were enough tourists to believe that in the summer it would be a tourist hotspot and rightly so.  Perhaps, if you are in the region and you visit Roussillon, you will share a similar experience.

I could have happily stayed longer in Roussillon, but my next destination was calling me and what an experience it was to be…














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