St-Tropez (March 2017)

If you have read my previous posts from this trip, you will be aware that I have talked about preconceived expectations and how certain places can resonate with oneself.  I had never been to St-Tropez before, but what I had heard of it, made be believe it would be a fantastic experience and a great place to visit.  I felt the excitement grow within me, as I approached the coast.

Unfortunately, I found the reality was something completely different; I just felt totally apathetic about St-Tropez. My first stop was to the Tourist Office, as usual to pick up a town map. Also as usual, to ask about the places I should visit. I was pointed in the direction of the port, the old town and the castle.  An hour later, after visiting everything twice, I was left feeling confused, cheated. Was this really all there was?  Ready to console myself with a cup of coffee, I chose the nearest port-side cafe.  I was tempted to ask which boat I had bought, when the waiter presented me with the bill.  It was a nice coffee and the view was ok, but it wasn’t that nice.

I was left bemused by what all the fuss is with St-Tropez.  Yes, there are a couple of boats in the port, but for me, it lacked charm, originality, it was soulless.  What would have been a two day stop over, was quickly cut short and what a great decision this was; because it allowed me two days in Cassis, which was simply amazing.  But you’ll have to wait until next time to read about that.








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