Working my way back home (March 2017)

There are two schools of thought in regards to how one might approach a road trip: there are those that go all out to their chosen location, this approach usually entails hours and hours of motorway driving to get there as soon as possible.  The other approach is the contrary, those that take this approach usually value the journey as much as the destination and will travel on slower roads and will each day, keep the driving time to a minimum.

I personally adopt both approaches, sometimes even on the same day.  However, with 850 miles (1300 km) to cover in 60 hours and an estimated 14 hours driving time, I decided that I could possibly squeeze in two locations, if I was willing to do a fairly long first stint.


First up was Paris, but with a motorhome the options are limited.  I stayed at Camping Indigo in the Bois de Boulogne, but it’s not cheap at €73 for two nights.  I arrived late on the Friday, so I decided to make a day of it on the Saturday.  I had no plan, I just strolled around with my camera.  It was a complete change, usually in Paris, I’m trying to visit all the attractions, but having been here quite a few times in recent years, I didn’t feel the same urge.

I did buy a day pass for the Batobus and during one of my loops, I tried to help (in my best French) to an elderly gentleman struggling to take photographs. To my surprise, he looked at me as if I was speaking Welsh.  Surely, my French isn’t that bad! It transpired that he was German and didn’t speak French, but fortunately we could continue in English.  It turned out that he had worked on building Shannon airport.  My next companions were American, who I enjoyed sharing our mutual travel experiences with. It’s surprising what exchanges you can have with strangers, if you are prepared to strike up a conversation.

I finished my day in Paris siting on the quayside of the Seine opposite the Conciergerie, with the sun on my face and watching the people go about their business was a fine way to relax and reflect on what was a most enjoyable two weeks.


Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero Gardens


Les Invalides Dome


Arc de Triomphe


Notre Dame


Notre Dame



Amiens Cathedral was the draw, it is France’s largest cathedral and was built to house, of all things, St John’s head.  There is more to Amiens than the cathedral, the St Leu quarter has restaurants lining the canal and was quite lively for a March afternoon.  Jules Verne lived in Amiens from 1882 to 1900 and the house is now a museum.  Time didn’t really allow a visit, but I will certainly return to Amiens.


Amiens Cathedral


Amiens Cathedral


Amiens Cathedral


Amiens Cathedral


Amiens Cathedral


St Leu Quarter


St Leu Quarter



My trip has come to an end and what an experience it has been. I’ve already started the planning for my next trip, but more about that next time.

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