Olympia (July 2017)

I may be being unkind, but whilst recognising the historical significance of Olympia, I didn’t think much of it.  I paid €12 to visit the archaeological site, the Archaeological museum and the History of the Olympic Games museum.  The Archaeological museum was ok, but I have got to the stage where I have seen so many marble statues, broken vases and corrodes spear points, that I need something else to keep my interest level up. The history of the Olympic museum was again ok, but I was still underwhelmed, albeit I was rushed by the staff to exit as they were closing.  The archaeological site, was a little more interesting, maybe it’s a consequence of travelling a lot and seeing loads of historical sites, but I want to feel the history and not just look at a pile of stones.  I didn’t get that from Olympia, which is a real shame because viewing 3000 year old ruins should be  something to marvel.                                                                                                   DSC_0246









After Olympia I moved to a beach side car park for the night just south of Zacharo. The sea was 30 metres from where I was parked.  There were only two motorhomes parked at this site, so it was really quiet. Any disappointment that I felt from seeing Olympia was soon washed away by the sea, followed by a cold beer at the beach side taverna.  In the morning I went for a run up the beach and followed this with a swim in the sea to cool down.  Does life get any better than that?




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