Voidkilia Beach (July 2017)

Driving down the dust covered road I had no idea what awaited me.  I don’t say this lightly, but Voidakilia beach could be one of the best beaches in Europe.  The bay is mushroom shaped and on my visit it was relatively quite.  There are no tavernas beside the beach and whilst it isn’t particularly far from Pylos, it does have a natural feel to it. The white sand and turquoise coloured water was just so inviting, I just loved it there.

At the far side of the bay you will see Nestor’s Cave and above that Old Navarino Castle. According to Greek mythology Hermes hide 50 cattle from Apollo in the cave and it’s also where Heracles slew the sons of the King of Pylos, all except Nestor. I’m not going to draw doubts upon Greek mythology, but apart from wanting to know how 50 cattle made their way up to the cave, I don’t know how they all got in there, as it isn’t that large inside.

If you feel adventurous, climb further up to the Old Navarino castle, the 13th Century Frankish castle is just a ruin and whilst the going is a little tricky, the views are well worth the effort.

I could have stayed the night in the car park, but being isolated two nights in a row wasn’t on the agenda.  I wanted to eat from a restaurant and not some concoction that I would have to rustle up.  It was to Pylos that I decided to visit next.


Voidakilia Beach


Old Navarino castle guards the bay


Nestor’s Cave


Voidakilia Beach


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