Meteora (July 2017)

I have a plethora of reference material for finding places to stay.  A couple of sources recommended the Arsenis Guesthouse.

For the price of a couple of beers, the proprietor Kostas, invited me to stay overnight in the car park.  Kostas kept me entertained too.  He’s a bit of an eccentric character, but genuinely lovely.  During the evening, I had his full family history and I was quizzed on which countries I had visited.

The conversation went something like:
Kostas:  “Have you been to Germany?”

Me: “Yes, I have been to Düsseldorf a few times, Munich and Freiburg.

Kostas: “I like the Germans, they are good people.”

Kostas: “Have you been to Austria?”

Me: “No, I’ve just driven through it.”

Kostas: “I like the Austrians, they are good people”

This conversation continued in this manner until we had covered most of Europe, North America, South American and Australasia.  I don’t know what the Serbians have done, but Kostas didn’t seem keen on them.  Maybe his next guests will have Wales added to the list and hopefully we fair better than the Serbians.

The Arsenis Guesthouse is a couple of kms from Meteora.  Meteora is famous for the six monasteries built on its natural sandstone towers.  There were more monasteries previously, but they are mainly ruins now.

The monasteries are relatively close together and all can be easily seen in a day.  However, I would recommend going inside one or two, but viewing all six, which is possible from several viewpoints.

There is a €3 entrance fee to each monastery.  The day I visited, Grand Meteora was closed, but I did visit Varlaam, Roussanou and Agios Stefanos (as seen in the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only).

Every time I visit a new place I buy a fridge magnet, I bought a magnet at Varlaam, whereby the vendor gave me a post card as a gift for being his first customer of the day.  For a €1 magnet I get a free postcard, such generosity, I felt truly touched.

My first impression of Greek people is very favourable.

For now, I’ll leave you with some images of Meteora.


Agia Triada


Agia Triada


Agios Stafanos


Agios Stefanos


Grand Meteoro


Grand Meteoro






Chapel at Varlaam






Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas


Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas


Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas






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