Glyfada Beach – Gythio (July 2017)

After leaving Mystras, I headed for a location recommended by Peejay, my unknown benefactor.  Peejay has made available via Google Maps, a number of parking locations suitable for motorhomes in Greece.  Many times on this trip I have called upon Peejay’s knowledge and guidance to find a suitable place to stay.  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Peejay, I saw more of Greece than I would have, without his guidance.

Glyfada beach is just north of Gythio and has a large car park next to a beach side taverna.  The beach is all but few metres away and is dominated by the Dimitros shipwreck.  The carpark was quite busy when I was there, but the noise level was relatively quiet.  The taverna was a great place to spend an hour or two planning my next destination over a beer.

It was here that I met Fani, a Greek psychologist who lived near Gythio.  Apparently, the name is derived from Theofania, which means the appearance of god to man.  This Greek Goddess (I may have applied a little artist licence here), loved everything English and had visited many times, assumed I was a English Doctor.  Only to be disappointed by the fact that I am neither English, or a Doctor, and was further disappointed by my unwillingness to travel to Athens that coming weekend.  Oh, but what may have been…

In the morning, I decided to take a morning run up the beach and cool down with a swim in the sea.  There can be no better start to a morning than running barefoot along the surf and diving into the warm sea to cool down.  I appreciate how lucky I am to have experienced this trip, in fairness, I always do.


Taking in the views from the taverna with a beer.


The taverna at night


The Dimitros shipwreck


The Dimitros shipwreck, plus graffiti


The Dimitros shipwreck at night


Gythio in the distance (1)


Gythio in the distance (2)


Gythio in the distance (3)

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