Kakovatos (July 2017)

Driving down from Oylmpia, I decided to stay on a deserted beach car park just south of Zachary.  The beach is typical for the region, white sands with clear blue water and not that many people about.  I tried to swim in the sea, but found the unusual characteristic of undulating sand impossible to swim in.  One moment I was up to my waist in water, two metres further out, it was to my knees, next thing it was up to my ankles.  I went out quite far, but it never became deep enough to swim in.

There are several bars situated along the coastline, but the beach, whilst many miles long feels secluded.  I enjoyed an early morning run followed by a paddle and I felt like the only person on the beach.  Why is it that these fine beaches in this part of Greece are not busier?  I guess it’s to my gain that they aren’t.

The one thing that I have noticed is the amazing colours at sunset, some of my favourite pictures are of the setting sun.  Until next time…


My room with a view



Near deserted beach


One of the beach side tavernas






The setting of the sun (1)


The setting of the sun (2)


Darkness starts to fall





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