Mycenae (July 2017)

If I had to describe myself in one word, that word would be determined.  I would go to almost any length to achieve my goals, I seldom give in, sometimes regardless of the cost I may incur.  It is this characteristic that drives me and in this instance I used this determination to speed up my trip.

I was beginning to feel that I wasn’t achieving the right balance between getting rest and relaxation I needed, and seeing the sights that I wanted to.  I decided that if I had a crazy busy couple of days, I would be in a position where I could sit on a beach for a few days afterwards and watch the world go by.

Mycenae is only 24 km (15 miles) from Nafplion, a short drive saw me there in no time. The site of Mycenae was discovered by German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1874, on discovering a golden mask at the site, which had preserved the skin of its final wearer, he exclaimed, “I have gazed upon the face of Agamemnon.” Unfortunately, the mask is now believed to predated Agamemnon by 300 years.


The carved lions above the Lion Gate

Entrance to the site, as usual for monuments and museums in Greece, costs €12 and is gained via the Lion gate.  As you approach the Lion Gate, the scale of the fortress becomes evident.




The Lion Gate


The Lion Gate

Not a great amount remains of the buildings at Mycenae, the Grave Circle A, where 19 bodies from the royal families along with 14 kg in gold was found, is easily identified, as is the Royal Palace.


Grave Circle A


Grave Circle A

The Royal Palace sits on the summit of Mycenae, there are residue burn marks on the floors, indicating the cause of its destruction in 1200 BC.


The Royal Palace on the summit


The view from the Royal Palace

DSC_0207 (1)

The view from the Royal Palace


The view from the Royal Palace

At the northern end of the site, there is what is described as a secret stairway, a flight of steps that will take you to a cistern, which would provide water in times of siege.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Mycenae and to its museum, which had some lovely artifacts.  I could quite easily spent another hour exploring the site, but my strict agenda was pushing me towards to my next destination.






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