Corinth Canal (July 2017)

I had challenged myself to see how many of Greece’s ancient sites I could visit in a single day.  I had visited Mycenae and Epidauras, the journey time was again going to take an hour.

As a child, I remember watching the film, Jason and The Argonauts and being intrigued by the clashing rocks and Poseidon holding the sides of the cliffs apart so the Argo could pass through.  I always wondered if they filmed part of this scene at the Corinth Canal.   Whilst it clearly does not resemble the papier mache rocks held apart by Poseidon, it is a feat of engineering.  At four miles long and 23 meters wide, it is only accessible to small container ships or pleasure boats that travel between the Gulf of Corinth and the Aegean Sea.


Corinth Canal


Corinth Canal


Corinth Canal


Corinth Canal

My visit to the Corinth Canal, was brief, I walked across the bridge spanning the canal at Isthmia a couple of times, watched some boats pass through and that was about it.  But it’s well worth seeing, even for the briefest of moments.


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