Epidauras / Epidavros (July 2017)

I had challenged myself to see how many of Greece’s ancient sites I could visit in a single day.  I had visited Mycenae and now it was time to head for Epidauras, the journey time was going to take an hour and time was ticking.

Epidauras is best know for its theatre, which is still in use today.  The near perfect acoustics amplifies sound to all parts of the theatre.  To the joys of my fellow tourists, several people began to sing from the Orchestra, although one or two of them should have carried klaxons to warn of the impending screeches.



Epidauras Theatre


Epidauras Theatre

The Asklepieion or the sanctuary of Epidauras was famous as a therapeutic and religious centre.  Most of it is currently being re-excavated and much of it is off limits.


Abaton of Epidauras


The Asklepieion


The Asklepieion

The entrance fee of €12, grants access to the theatre, Asklepieion and the museum. Whilst I enjoyed my visit, the hour or so I spent here was sufficient.  In the end, I have seen the theatre at Epidauras and ticked it off my list.

Palaia Epidavros

As I was making my way towards the Corinth Canal, I passed Palaia Epidavros.  I couldn’t help but stop and take a photograph or two.  I was sorely tempted to visit and spend some time here, as it looked so inviting.  But touring in the manner that I do, I recognise that I cannot see and do everything, I have to choose how I spend my time wisely.   Anyway, I had seen two sites and had four left to visit…


Palaia Epidavros


Palaia Epidavros

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