Ancient Corinth (July 2017)

I had challenged myself to see how many of Greece’s ancient sites I could visit in a single day.  I had visited Mycenae, Epidauras and the Corinth Canal, the journey time was going to take fifteen minutes.

Ancient Corinth is situated a short distance from the modern town of Corinth.  It was the largest Roman town in Greece, achieving a reputed population of 750,000 and gaining a reputation for promiscuous and unprincipled living (much the same as some places in the far east, I suppose, and even some places closer to home).

As I approach the town, I bypassed the first car park, thinking that I would find one closer to the archaeological site, but to my dismay, I drove into a part of the town that was as narrow as it could be, without me getting stuck.  It all ended well though; I didn’t hit any of the Chinese tourists playing chicken and there were several places to park.

As I explored the nearby shops, looking for the fridge magnet I would take home.  I realised that I could see quite a bit of Ancient Corinth without actually having to go inside and pay the ubiquitous €12 entrance fee.  If I wasn’t intent on visiting so many sites in one day, I may have been tempted to go inside.  I was also marginally tempted to visit Acrocorinth, but having seen so many fortified cities, I just didn’t have the motivation to trudge up another hill, regardless of the view.

My whistle-stop tour to several of Greece’s finest archaeological sites was 3/4 complete, but I had a two hour drive to my next location, it was time to be moving on.




Temple of  Apollo


Temple of Apollo with Acrocorinth on the hilltop




Roman Odeion






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