Itea (July 2017)

My time in the Peloponnese had come to a close.  I crossed the Rio-Antirrio Bridge for the second and last time, and headed for the mainland and Delphi.  My overnight destination was the marina at Itea.


I am struggling to describe Itea, it’s a reasonably large town, but it seems to be situated in the middle of nowhere.  The drive along the coast seemed devoid of life, barren almost. Whilst this is definitely not the case, it did give me a contrasting experience to the one I had in the Peloponnese.  The focal point of activity seems to centre off the strip opposite the beach, with numerous bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Staying on the marina was surprisingly quiet, I expected it to be noisy, but despite the number of people in the vicinity, I hardly noticed.  During the night a cruise ship had docked and coaches had lined the marina, probably in readiness to take the passengers to Delphi, my final destination in Greece.










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