Methoni (July 2017)

It sometimes happens that I struggle to find a place to stay at a preferred location, that is not to say that I couldn’t find somewhere, but it is much easier to wild camp (park up) in Greece and I would rather do this than pay for campsite fees.

I wanted to visit Koroni, but with limited options available to me, I opted for Methoni instead.  There is available parking off the beach, although a sign indicated no motorhome parking, but I’m sure it would have been fine.  It was great just to park up and dive into the sea, it is a lifestyle that I could quite easily become accustomed to.


Methoni Beach



Methoni Port

Methoni was a major Venetian port, the town is quite small and most people seem to congregate around the beach, and the bars and cafes in the vicinity.  Methoni is dominated by the castle, which has Venetian, Ottoman and French influences.  It is a sizable castle, but the octagonal fortified Bourtzi is the main attraction.


Methoni Castle and Bourtzi on the left


Methoni Castle


Methoni Castle



Methoni Castle








Bourtzi – inside the octagonal tower

I could have stayed here much longer than I did, there was a quiet ambiance to Methoni, but it was too quiet, I felt that I needed somewhere a little livelier.  Pylos 6 miles away was calling my name…









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