Bled (July 2017)

I left Delphi and headed for Bled in Slovenia, I aimed to cover the 1000 miles in the least amount of time possible.  I drove until I was tired and / or hungry and stopped for as long as I needed, usually in a motorway services.  Travelling through mainland Greece was frustrating, it seemed that every 30 minutes or so, I would reach tolls and that would be another €5 or so, thank you very much.  In the 5 hours it took me to reach the Bulgarian border, I had spend about €60 just on tolls. Driving through Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia was fine, I was stopped in Croatia, on the motorway and boarded.  It seems there was a crackdown on tobacco and alcohol smuggling from Serbia.  My three bottles of Greek wine, remained well hidden.

Travelling on motorways across Europe is not the best way to see a country, but it can inspire future trips.  I’m not sure I would be in a hurry to visit Serbia or Bulgaria, but I would like to see more of Croatia and definitely Slovenia.  Slovenia is beautiful, it resembles Austria more than it does the other former Yugoslavian countries.

I reached Bled (Lake Bled) within 24 hours and headed for my first choice campsite, situated just off the lake.  Unfortunately, it was full, but there was space in my second choice, which was five kms outside of the town. Camping Sobec, was a great campsite, the facilities were good, although they charge for filling up fresh water at the motorhome service point.  I again found the friendliness of fellow campers to be warm, I was chatting to the fruit selling girl when a lady came over and started chatting to me about travelling.  It seems everyone has a travel story that they want to tell.

I cycled into the town and spent my time exploring the lakeside area.  Lake Bled is just over 2 km long and wide, and 30 metres deep.  There is a cycle / walking path around the lake that takes about an hour to circulate.  In the middle of the lake is Bled island and the the Church of Assumption.


Lake Bled, with Bled Island and the Church of Assumption centre


Church of Assumption


Lake Bled and the Toboggan Ride


The Toboggan Ride


Lake Bled with Bled on the far shore


Lake Bled

Bled Castle (Blejski Grad) overlooks the lake and is situated on a cliff top.  Built in the 11th century, the castle is now home to a museum.


Bled Castle


Bled Castle

The Gothic Church of St. Martin was built in 1905, but on the site of the previous church, which dated from the 15th century.


The Church of St Martin

I only allowed one day here, it wasn’t quite enough, but I still had 800 miles to drive and several more places that I wanted to visit.

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