Several years ago, I decided to take a camping tour of Belgium and France. With the ferry booked, my tent, camping bed and sleeping bag packed into the boot of the car, I embarked on my first European tour with a certain amount of trepidation and excitement.

Maybe it was lack of planning, naivety or a combination of both, but it soon became apparent that unless you subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle, camping requires a few essentials to enhance the experience, a torch, a chair, a table and possibly a small cooker to make a warm drink.

Digital StillCamera

Camping with the bare essentials

There is no substitute for experience, so the following year, equipped with a few extra essentials and a holiday home booked for part of the trip, I embarked on a second tour of Europe.  Holiday homes are a great idea and certainly provide a base from where one can tour the local area.  However, after seeing everything within a 50 mile radius, twice; the limitations of a holiday home became apparent, especially as I like the flexibility to travel as the urge takes me.


Holiday home in the Ardennes

It was on this second tour that I had an epiphany, the solution I was looking for came in the shape of a motorhome.

The following two years I toured France and Belgium (to a lesser degree) in a motorhome and found that I could achieve the home away from home that I was searching for, with the flexibility to move around as the inclination took me.


The as of yet unnamed motorhome

I have been lucky enough to travel with companions and solo, but I have always felt the urge to share my experiences and so the idea of keeping a travel diary took hold.  I will update this blog on a regular basis, describing the places I visit and my experiences of these places.


I hope you enjoy the description of my travels as I go wherever the desire takes me. Come and join me, as I meander around, taking in everything that Europe has to offer.

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